About Us

Tell it my Way is dedicated to the storytelling tradition and aims to build the largest online collection of free, high-quality children's stories with positive messages from around the world for the benefit of parents, teachers, children, and other readers.

Elaine Lindy, also founder of Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By, has received requests from storytellers to add their work to the website, and she sought both a place for these storytellers to share their work and a way to continually expand a collection of free children's stories. This inspired her to create a brand new kind of online children's storytelling community with a unique way of improving stories by inviting writers to publish original stories and retell other stories on the website and allowing readers to decide which stories are the best.

Tell it my Way is the first virtual simulation of the oral storytelling tradition in cyberspace. It's different from other online storytelling collections because it enables stories to evolve constantly. Storytellers can retell any stories on the site, and stories tend to improve as they are retold.

In addition, visitors have the ability to determine which versions of which stories are better or worse than others by voting stories "up" or "down." This makes it easy for parents, educators, children, and other readers to find the best stories as determined by other readers. Readers and writers can follow the evolution of a story with a visual “branching” that tracks each version. Readers can also use search criteria such as main idea or country of origin to find the kinds of stories they seek.

Tell it my Way is a place where children's authors from every part of the world can increase their exposure. Each version of a story is credited with the author's user name as well as the user name of the author of the original version of the story. Readers' votes and comments give writers constructive feedback. The site's design provides a fun and friendly competitive environment for writers.

Come take part: read, retell, post your own tale! It’s our new community for sharing & retelling, voting & tracking, tweaking & featuring great children’s stories.