All Rights Reserved

The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work. In some ways, you have total control over your story, but since copyright doesn’t give you a complete monopoly, others can still use your story in certain ways, by including short excerpts in reviews and recs, creating fanart or covers for you, etc.

Public Domain

It’s also known as “No rights reserved”. Technically, putting a work in the public domain in most countries can be a complicated process, but if you select this option, you’re telling everyone that they can use your story for any purpose; they can print it and sell it, they can make a movie out of it, anything they want. If you select this option, you relinquish all copyrights that you hold in the story.

Creative Commons: Attribution [CC BY]

Creative Commons has shared the text of a number of types of copyright licenses. If you select one, you reserve some of the right to your story, but you’re also giving the general public some licenses, like the right to translate your story, or make a film using your dialogue, or even print it to sell at a fancon. Individuals wanting to collaborate with a writer must go through this route.

Attribution [CC BY]: others can use and distribute your work, but they must attribute the work to you.

For more information on Creative Commons copyright options, please visit:

Creative Commons: Non Commercial [CC BY-NC]

Non Commercial [CC BY-NC]: people can use your work, but can’t make money from it