Whale Watch Do's and Dont's

by Jack Harvey
(reading level: 4)
(read time: 3-8 min.)
(story group: Test group)
(views: 1928)
(age rating: for all audiences)

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Summary: What to do and not to do on the NFA seventh grade Whale Watch

Do’s and Don'ts of the 7th Grade Whale Watch

The 7th Grade Whale watch is a fun, exciting adventure. But if you don’t do things right, it will be a disaster. First things first: What you have to do. If you don’t do these things, you can kiss your enjoyment goodbye.



Buy Wawa in advance. There are no Wawa’s at the rest stop, and starving is not an option.

Sleep on the bus. You have to get up at around 5:00. Sleep is like Wawa, an essential. YOU NEED IT. Besides, if you sleep, you won’t hear the traffic on the highway.

Scare everyone during the ghost tour. It’s a fun way to get to know your classmates.

Get up early the second day. The pastries will be gone if you don’t get up early, and the other food there just isn’t as good.

Go right to the bottom front of boat. Since the top front is closed off, the bottom front is the only place where you can see forward into the distance, which is where the most whales are seen.

Ask the sailors what types of whales there are and how to identify them. This is a great learning experience to not only to get to know your whales, but also to impress your classmates when you can tell everyone what whale they are seeing.

Go to dinner at Go Fish in Mystic.  They have a great selection of seafood, and their lobster grilled cheese was amazing.


And here are the things NOT to do. I repeat, NOT to do.



Use the bus bathrooms in traffic. If the bus stops suddenly, the toilet water will splash on you. You know what? Just don’t use the bus bathrooms in general.

Fight over a pack of smarties at Plymouth Rock. You will drop them. I have first hand experience of that. One of you...ahem...owes me five dollars.

Lean out the hotel window and cheer for the Yankees. The whale watch is in Massachusetts. It’s not good.

Ask the captain of the boat if there are any whales in the ocean.  Enough said.

Leave your phone outside on the deck. Enough said.  

Titanic. You are not Rose Bukater.

Free Willy. You are not Jesse, either.

Do anything to the whales. So no petting or feeding them.

And lastly, don’t swim with the belugas at Mystic.


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